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At left is my first studio in New York City, 874 Broadway at 18th Street, the MacIntyre Building. It was a large room on the 5th floor with 8 foot high windows facing south. This was my lighting source for several months until the big bucks came in. Rent was $100 a month, with free heat, electricity another $10. In those pre-digital times, photographers had to budget for film and processing supplies, so that was about $100 a month. Times have certainly changed!


Welcome to Joel Aronson's Studio Concepts webpages. Here you will see a collection of information that may inspire you to make a studio within your own home, while adding other viewpoints to what you may already know about this kind of photography. In the blue frame at right, scroll and select whatever topic you would like to view.
For many years Joel was active in professional photography in New York City, starting as a photographer's assistant working with major advertising agencies and clients. Joel then had his own studio, doing editorial and advertising illustrative photography assignments. At the same time he became a photographic educator, as a professor at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. This is where Joel produced innovative photography presentations and related text materials, to motivate his students even more.
Joel works in and out of his home studio, producing presentations about photography for live shows and the internet. At right, he's making adjustments to his custom designed studio lighting equipment.