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More Location Photographs

Location Photography


Working in a studio with models can give you ideas and inspiration for shooting in other environments, with an unlimited range of creative opportunities. Each session can lead to new shooting concepts, as this collection of images will show. Below these video clips are some shooting hints. Revisit this page for added information.

The corner of a bathroom shower is a great shooting area, especially if some water is sprayed on the model, as long as the model is willing to pose there. Important hints: protect the camera with plastic wrap; make sure the lighting equipment and electric wires are kept away from the wet areas.

Small props add unique shapes and colors as part of the image composition. They can be held by the model as the white flower in the photo at right, the red and pink feather duster, below right. Shooting through beads, suspended in front of the camera, provides a soft-focus framing element for the models, below left.

Mirrors are great props that are both composition and conceptual elements. As mirrors are realistically seen and used indoors, their presence in an outdoor location photograph adds visual excitement. It's easy to carry a framed mirror in a car. A long dowel or a small tree branch taped to the mirror's back, will allow it to stand in a landscape environment, as seen at left and in the self-portrait of years ago, below left.

Posing the model next to an interior wall mirror, far left, makes an intriguing image. Placing a framed mirror on a bed next to an antique glass window frame, immediate left, creates another visually compelling image.

Staircases and corners are interior environments that subjects can interact with. Holding a handrail, leaning into a corner, will add realism to the images.

Shoot your subjects with the house as a background. Looking out of an open window is realistic action, with the window and siding textures being used as interesting composition elements.

Nature makes the best props for exciting photographs of people. Trees are perfect to grasp and to frame a subject.

A rushing ravine is an action background for a reclining model. Be sure to return to this section, for more images and inspiration.

A downed tree over a forest stream presents a wealth of natural textures as a background for the subject.

Walking in a stream creates interesting expressions, as in the above image. The model in shallow water, at right, was photographed with a camera in a waterproof housing, immersed to include the model's reflection and the water level in the composition.