Part One: Letter from Lady Bird Johnson,
wife of Vice-President Lyndon Baines Johnson
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Mrs. Johnson is interviewed by Barbara Payne, the "Dragon Lady" of the Voice of America broadcasts to Communist China. Behind them is Patricia Kennedy Lawford, John F Kennedy's sister. Click here for the next page.
After VP Johnson and his wife, Lady Bird, were welcomed to Taiwan, they went their separate ways. While the VP was in conference with Taiwan's government officials, I covered Mrs. Johnson's visit to a women's event, accompanied by her counterpart - Mrs. Chen Cheng. The ladies rode in a human-powered pedicab, the common form of transportation within Taiwan's cities. I took this photo (below) of Mrs. Johnson wearing a fashionable sun bonnet. Mrs, Cheng is wearing a stylized farmer's straw hat, similar to what was thrust at the VP during his motorcade procession (lower left). Below Mrs. Johnson's photo, is one another photographer took of me while I was working. A smaller version is attached to the letter (left).