a visit with
Saul & Sue Singer
Saul and Sue Singer live in South Florida, a couple of miles from Paul and Joanne Abrams. When Paul and I agreed on our meeting date, the extra benefit was that Saul and Sue would be joining us for dinner. For the first time in over 50 years, I would meet one of my more memorable photo subjects - Cover Boy Saul - who graced the front cover of Scholastic Roto magazine, my first published photo essay. Arny Werner and I collaborated in this project when we were at the tender age of 17.
Saul invited me to breakfast before I drove north, homeward bound. In addition to having been a medical doctor, and serving as a medical officer with the US Air Force in Iran, Saul is a talented professional chef, having learned those skills after retiring from his medical career.
Saul and Sue have traveled around the world with their children. I was treated to viewing a collection of their photo albums of African safaris they have participated in.
Thanks to you two for a memorable morning.
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Saul making an omelette
Preparing smoked salmon
Saul & Sue
Saul & Sue
Saul as candidate in 1954
Cover Boy Saul
Singers with Abrams
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