Finally, an answer!
Roll da mouse ovuh his pitcha to see his mug!
In plain English: roll your mouse over the image to see who he was back then.
This guy should get recognition for having changed so much in the shortest amount of time after our graduation.
Several years ago, the New York Times mentioned his name in an article about an Italian-American event in Manhattan. He once had been a Mr. Universe contestant. Madison wasn't too far from the neighborhood where the real Incredible Hulk came from. Like what was mentioned in an earlier page: "must have been them egg-creams!"
So maybe you can figure this out? But you gotta remember those privacy concerns!
He was in our PS 197 classes, he lived on Bedford Avenue, he started to work out in Madison gym classes, he's on page 57 of the LOG, his initials are "PC"
OK! what more do you want?