Welcome to an online version of the 1955 LOG, the yearbook of James Madison High School, Brooklyn, New York.
Each of the pages can be viewed one by one, in a navigable gallery. Because of privacy concerns in our modern, messed up world, pages containing students' portraits and personal information are not viewable. Times have certainly changed in these 50 years!
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A leatherbound treasure created by 17 - 18 year olds!
The LOG represents the best of our written and visual expressions about those Madison years. It is a tribute to the superlative intellectual atmosphere of our alma mater and the collective talents of all LOG staff members.
Thanks to Arny Werner for his support and guidance in producing this section and the entire Madison site. Just like old times, Arny! Thanks also to Joe Epstein, Lenore Berman and Myron Ernst, for their assistance.

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