Bedford Avenue and Quentin Road
Brooklyn, NY
class of 1955

"da hiway!"
The elevated/subway stop at Kings Highway and 16th Street was the area's center and our direct portal to magnificent places - the Brooklyn Dodgers at Ebbets Field - Manhattan, the heart of New York City, where great futures awaited us - and a few minutes in the other direction led us to the beaches and playlands of Coney Island, the home of the original Nathan's Famous Frankfurter! Kings Highway now looks almost as it did then, except for changes like the giant sign advertising nonstop flights to St. Petersburg - not Florida, but Russia.
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Above left: on a building's side, multilingual billboard advertisements for English language classes contrast with a historic illustration of old time horse-drawn transportation.
Right: brightly colored storefronts on one side of Kings Highway proclaim their services and wares in Russian language.
Left: on the other side of the street, a kosher food market and a kosher deli restaurant maintain the flavor of the times we knew.

It's logical that James Madison High School's newspaper should be named the Madison Highway - as the center of school news and events.

You will find out
who this is.
Above: a Rite Aid pharmacy takes the place of what was once the Avalon Theatre, where matrons with flashlights controlled us at Saturday matinees, where many of us took our first dates on Saturday nights, when we got older.
Photo courtesy Joe Epstein, class of 55.