Bedford Avenue and Quentin Road
Brooklyn, NY
class of 1955
"da hood!"
Madison is located in Flatbush, a sprawling neighborhood within the populous New York City Borough of Brooklyn. The main street is Kings Highway "da hiway" a busy throughfare winding through much of Brooklyn. The satellite image at right shows Madison (yellow border) just south of Kings Highway, on Bedford Avenue between Quentin Road and Avenue P. A few blocks northwest (pink border) is the prison-like Public School 197 (below), from where some of us came to Madison. Its playground touches on Kings Highway.
East of P.S. 197 is the immense Madison Gardens apartment complex (blue border) at Kings Highway and Bedford Avenue, which had stores and offices in its giant basement (below right).
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Some of us lived in the apartment buildings that are typical of New York City residences. Most of those were six-story elevator buildings, with limited outdoor parking spaces. Others lived on quiet side streets in single or double family homes, with tiny front lawns that could have been mowed with electric razors, and long, thin driveways leading to a garage in back.

Our out-of-school existence was centered around the neighborhood's main street - Kings Highway, loaded with stores, restaurants, movie houses (back then), and public transportation to everywhere else.
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Maybe he went to P.S. 197
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