Bedford Avenue and Quentin Road
Brooklyn, NY
class of 1955
Not long ago, I spent a couple afternoons cruising my old Brooklyn NY neighborhood where I had attended and graduated from James Madison High School, back in 1955. JMHS former alumni include a US Senator, a US Supreme Court Justice, a television judge, professional athletes, educators, actors, singers, a radio DJ, and even a husband of Marilyn Monroe. Among the more than 1000 graduates of our class, there turned out to be: a college president, eminent lawyers, financial leaders, doctors, scientists, professors, a Mr. Universe contestant, and plain people like me. Must have been something special in those Kings Highway egg creams we drank back then!
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Above: one wonders how many people can see the school name JAMES MADISON HIGH SCHOOL chiseled in stone four stories above the street?
Left: 50 years later, 1955 classmate Stephen Cohen stands at the front entrance, framed by the enduring words of James Madison, written over 200 years ago, "Education is the true foundation of civil liberty." No doubt those words molded our future lives.
Steve is holding a copy of his senior yearbook photo. Roll your mouse over Steve's image, to see him go back and forth in time.

As of 2005, the Madison Wall of Distinction in the lobby shows several distinguished alumni, with many empty spaces to be filled. There's no one from the class of 1955.

Who is this?
Do you think Mrs. Cunningham cared to know?
Stay tuned.
Above: a panoramic view of the back, classrooms on the left, gymnasium and swimming pool building at right, and the track, football/baseball field outside. I can clearly remember the powerful sight and sound of Frank Torre (NY Yankee manager Joe's brother) pitching, and regret not photographing him then.
Many of us boys may also recall the uncivilized experience of having to swim naked in the pool, in front of Mrs. Cunningham, the world's oldest towel-handout-er. I'm sure that doesn't happen anymore.
Below: a panoramic view from the intersection of Bedford Avenue and Avenue P, showing the tennis and handball courts.