Bedford Avenue and Quentin Road
Brooklyn, NY
class of 1955
Dressed up for the senior yearbook photo with the typical fifties look, I had been one of the Highway photographers since my junior year. At that time, my father bought me a new 4x5 Speed Graphic press camera. I shot on single-exposure film sheets and changed flashbulbs for each shot. Negatives were developed and contact-printed in my darkened bathroom. Compared to today's easy digital photography, I'm amazed that I got any results at all!
On the next few pages are clippings of what I had saved from my Highway assignments. Please forgive their appearance. Regretfully, the ravages of time, multi-relocations, and life's experiences altered the collection to a small group of clipped cutouts (blame it on well-meaning wives and kids).
Below: photo assignments for the Highway included covering students' trips to outside civic activities and conferences. This was a trip to the United Nations, in which city-wide students participated in a UNESCO forum. With participation in high-level events like these, it's no wonder that so many prestigious alumni came from Madison. Right-click on these two images to view them larger in separate windows.

Later, Later, Later!