Class of 1955
Joel and Steve Cohen visited the school on a recent Sunday afternoon. Here they are in front of the main entrance.
Compared to the LOG photo from 1955 (right), the school still looked the same as in this recent digital image (lower).
Of course, there are new signs, (below) with a logo using a 50s pompadour in its design.
Steve poses on the sign's other side (below). Certainly, the Sing's popularity has not changed over these years! However, it seems that Steve left his pompadour at home.
It was Sunday and the school was quiet. We were fortunate that the cleaning staff let us in to shoot a few photos. A pleasant, indoor green garden (above) just outside the auditorium, greets visitors upon entering. I was able to shoot this panoramic view (below) of the lobby. Click here, or on the image, to access a 360º interactive, panoramic image of this scene, in a separate window. With a slower computer, one may wish to view a wide panoramic JPEG image of the lobby. Click here to open that JPEG image in a separate window.