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Mike Anisman
June 1956
Great job on the web site.
Enclosed are some "before and after" pictures, the after was taken in 2005.
The before was taken at Washington Baths, in 59 and the one in the overcoat was taken in one of those photo booths in Coney Island.
Highlights of Mike's career with the Los Angeles Police Department:
Joined the Department in the 60's, ended up being involved in a whole bunch of interesting cases. I was the second unit at the Tate homicide scene, chased Patty Hurst all around California, was at the Bobby Kennedy killing. I was also one of many involved in the SLA shootout. I even have a belt buckle made with some of the brass we used in that shooting. I retired in 1981 as a Detective Sgt. I thereafter had my own Private investigation agency. In 1986 I opened a Cocktail lounge and Restaurant. Then in 1988 I got an offer I could not refuse, and went to work with the Federal Marshals. I did that until 1995, when I stopped working altogether and am enjoying a single retirement on the lake in sunny Ca."
Photos by Mike of Clearlake, California, where he lives. This 4 million year old lake is California's largest natural lake. Right-click on the image(s) to open in a separate window.