Bedford Avenue and Quentin Road, Brooklyn, NY
Class of 1955
photos and memories
by Joel Aronson
In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the graduating class of 1955, this is a gallery of the few photos I still have from that time as a student at James Madison High School. Back then, I was a quiet, nerdy kid, somewhat low on the academic and social lists. I made my contribution by taking photos for the school newspaper and yearbook with my 4x5 Speed Graphic, tediously developing the single-exposure sheet films and making prints in the bathroom of my family's small apartment. The combination of being in an environment of high achievers, while learning the street smarts of a Brooklyn teenager, became a stepping-stone to a long, productive career and a wealth of unique, personal experiences. I'm proud of being a small part of those times. Thanks to all of you for letting me share these memories with you now.
Joel Aronson & Speed Graphic
at a Madison football game, 1954
Joel Aronson &
digital camera, 2005
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