About the Show

    Adventures with Photography is a live presentation by Joel Aronson shown at public libraries, community centers and other venues. The basic show is about how photography becomes Creative Enrichment for the Mind and Body, with ideas and inspiration for many photographic projects. An advanced version evolved from that, called Photo Studio In The House. Another spinoff is a series of image enhancing workshops, using Photoshop.
Excerpts of the show flyers are below, click on the blue-bordered image(s) to view/download the whole flyers in PDF format. If your organization is interested in this type of presentation activity, email Joel here or via the contact links in the right frame.
Each show is about an hour long, and can be adjusted to fit your organization's requirements. Several minutes are needed to setup equipment and to pack up.


About Joel

Besides having been a professional commercial and editorial photographer since his high school years, Joel Aronson is retired from a long career as full professor and photography department chairperson at New York City’s prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology. At another time of his life, Joel had a unique, extended military experience as a Chinese language intelligence specialist for the United States Air Force, stationed in Taiwan, Republic of China, for which he has been honored by being included in a Taiwan Government history book.
Today, Joel works in and out of his home studio, producing photographs and stories for his live presentations and his website - www.joelaronson.com - about the never-ending adventures with photography he shares with his family, friends, community, and the world of the internet.

How the show originated, in Joel's words:
   Adventures with Photography evolved from years of doing classroom lectures as a professor in the photography department at New York City's Fashion Institute of Technology, during the film-only, non-digital photography era. Noisy Carousel projectors and reels of non-animated slides clicking on and off made for a classroom of yawning, stretching, hopefully well-informed and inspired students. A few did go on to achieving significant professional photographic success.
   After retiring from FIT, I taught some local adult school courses in digital photography. Digital projectors were available to use in class, so after connecting my laptop to the school's projectors, I became hooked and inspired by the presentation possibilities. I revised my existing lectures, to become very lively in-class presentations that were well-accepted by the students. I ceased classroom activities and decided to give these presentations to the general public at libraries and community centers, which have become well received.
     I'm also proud to mention that my shows have generated donations to a worthwhile charity for children and young adults with chronic and life-threatening illnesses:
ArtWorks Foundation.