Hardware ~ Software

mbp1 D80

Computer: MacBook Pro, 2.33 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, Mac OSX & Virtual Windows

Projectors: InFocus LP70+, IN26
Rear Screen: custom design

Presentation Software: Apple Keynote

Imaging, Video, Audio Production Software:
Adobe Photoshop & Elements
Apple iPhoto, iMovie, iTunes, Garage Band, QuickTime, Final Cut Express
Expression Media,
EasyCrop, Art Text, Snapz Pro X, Sound Studio

Digital Still and Video Cameras: Nikon D80, Fuji S1, Samsung S1050, Canon Optura 200 MC

Studio Lighting: Paul Buff Electronic Flash units and accessories
Flash Meter: Sekonic DigiLite F
Special Lighting Equipment: custom design


What's with this "Special Lighting Equipment: custom designed" phrase?

Joel builds his own lighting equipment and studio accessories.
That information is on his studio website.